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Book Reviews for Hidden Masks Unveiled

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Book Reviews from Readers:


"I like reading true to life story books and Helen's book is as open as can be. I was so amazed by her total openness and every pages of the book. It's not just a set of rules and instructions to follow. Her honesty and true to life examples of what she went through just cut through the reality that indeed we are all wearing masks of some kind. Her love for Jesus is so pure in spite of her pain. Her style of writing is an  easy reading. She walks you through the journey of her life like you are her best friend pouring herself one situation after the other.  She is an inspiration.

 There is so much in Helen's book for me to chew and digest but really it has encouraged me to examine my heart deeper and see what kind of masks am I putting on? The good thing is what I cannot change there is a creator Jesus who is the master of transforming my heart and therefore I don't need to wear a mask. Instead be honest and acknowledged where I'm at and let God be the transformer of my heart. Helen said and I quote on page 153 last paragraph; "GOD HAS PROVIDED AN ANSWER FOR US; COMMITMENT TO GOD".

 Yes, being committed to God with humility will take out the ugliness of the masks that I put on. When I was reading Helen's book I was thinking will I be able to be as open and honest as Helen? There is only one Helen but like she said we all wear masks to some degree.    After reading Helen's book it re-affirmed my belief that when I allow God to transform my soul the better I become of being a true blessing to others. And also to not forget that what matters most is to please God instead of pleasing people.

 Thank you God for Helen's story, because of her openness I see Jesus in every circumstance that she went through. It's a display of who you are Jesus in Helen's life and I know that I'm not the only one who you've touched and changed by meeting Helen. There are many of us who are blessed by meeting her. May you continue to use her story to bring many people closer to you and recognize their own masks and surrender it to Jesus the only one who can give each longing heart a pure heart.

 If you are reading this review and haven't read the book yet, I recommend you read it. Don't even think twice whether it's worth your time.    It will surely open your eyes and see who you truly are in Christ."

 Remy A., West Vancouver, B.C.


"First God Bless You and hope you continue to write many books like Hidden Masks Unveiled. When I read your first chapter, I just couldn't stop reading. The way you wrote the each chapter automatically creates a connection between you and the reader. Your book is like a message from God; we need to be true and honest to ourselves (get rid of the hidden masks) and our God at all times, trust our Lord and Savior no matter our trials or circumstances, and he will take control and care of every situation we may be go through. We just need to persevere and trust our Lord. When we trust the Lord and we look for God in every thing we do (constant prayers) and we give him all the Glory and we do everything according to his will, not ours, its just incredible how you feel the presence of God and the miracle that he performs through the Holy Spirit in our life's. I still have work to do, but your book has been another inspiration for me in my spiritual journey and in my special relation with our Lord Jesus Christ (God the Son) and God the Father. It has taken time (many years of constant prayers, communication and trials), but its just great to feel the peace that is only felt when you have that special relation (one of full trust from the bottom of my heart) with God. Sometimes, I don't understand a specific situation, but I trust the lord and after several days/weeks/months/years, when I look back, I then find the answer, look to the sky and say "Thank You Lord", now I know why... It's just amazing, God does unimaginable things that only he can do." Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you. (Psalm 9:10) - HM  


 "Intriguing and thoughtful with a passion within. A troubled past, a look into the heartfelt mind of one who conquers. "

   The Vincents

“Hidden masks Unveiled by sister Helen touches me on a personal, emotional and spiritual level. As I start reading the first chapters, her sincerity and honesty challenge me to expose my own secrets that I have been in denial about - hiding from people as well as myself. It is an honor to share Helen's personal experiences and captivating to see what God reveals to her about masks though those experiences. Once the reader is challenged to expose their hidden masks, Helen confronts and strips them away one by one. The book is written in a causal, conversational style which brings about a sense of talking with a good friend yet follows a logical flow that directly exposes problems and then carefully gives the reader all the steps towards a resolution. The verses throughout the book are divinely inspired and placed, relating Godly wisdom, encouragement and rebuke seamlessly with the human experience. I thank God for this book!”

Linda I., Surrey, BC

"This book invites you to be true to yourself and God. I believe that God truly spoke to me through the testimony of Helen. What really moved my heart was Helen's genuine desire to live a life that honors God, because she understands that God has plans to prosper us, and not to harm us. It may be difficult to accept God's truth if we are not confident about our Christian identity. Through God's grace, let Helen's book encourage you to pursue a meaningful relationship with God, and to understand His promises to us.”

Kasper Wong, Vancouver, BC

“‘Hidden Masks Unveiled’ lives up to its title as Helen Jamieson include much about her life journey in her book. However this book is not simply an autobiography but points us to our lives’ true source of power and transformation. You will be engaged through real life difficulties, challenges and internal struggles. You will be given hope as she reveals how God brought her through and have success and victory. No matter who you are and where you are in your life, you will benefit by entering into these pages.”

Rev. Isaac Cheung - Lead Pastor of English Ministry, Burnaby Alliance Church

“Thank you for telling your story so matter of factly. Your personal journey has made me appreciate the importance of attitude & reexamination to reveal my inner self. Praise God for His mercy & might. THANKS again for your wonderful book, a gift I will treasure forever!”

Pastor Anita Leung – Administration, Burnaby Alliance Church

"A very honest telling of her life story thus far, Helen's writing will touch you with its raw emotion and stark truth. She reveals much about herself, and relates what she has learned to biblical quotes and teachings in a way appeals to everyone. A very inspiring book that will challenge you to look yourself in the mirror and remove the masks you wear."

Miranda McNamara, New Westminster, BC –


Helen Jamieson has written an insightful exploration of the self. She has questioned her very being, explored her background, life experiences and religious beliefs. She demonstrates how her beliefs and knowledge have helped her to understand her life and its purpose in serving God. Her book has meaning and purpose. It allows the reader to explore the self whilst offering support and guidance. Whilst I am not overtly religious I re-read each chapter comparing it with my own self perceptions and how much it applied to my life. Helen Jamieson's work is a revelation in self exploration and honesty. It is written with a courage which very few possess. The book has the potential to inform and guide a person to self enlightenment, contentment and a quite self confidence born of peace of mind and understanding. My reading has caused me to reflect on myself in a number of situations and conclude that I really need the book in a "pocket sized version". I feel that "Hidden Masks Unveiled" will be my regular companion and guide who I will converse with when in need of words of wisdom, wise counsel and honesty.”

J. Stoddart, London, England


“Hidden Masks Unveiled by Helen Jamieson is a touching and courageous account of the author's journey through life. By the time you finish reading the first chapter, one feels an immediate connection to Helen. As each mask is unveiled, Helen shares how she faced life's challenges and adversities head on. Hidden Masks Unveiled provokes interesting questions about relationships with others and encourages you to seek the truth about topics you may not feel comfortable discussing. Helen's book encourages self-reflection and teaches you how to understand yourself better. I enjoyed reading it and think it should be on every book lover's "must read" list. Helen, you found the strength to complete this book - Congratulations!”
 Bailey Jung, Vancouver, BC


“The author writes passionately and with conviction, born out of her own struggles and experiences. Her warm and personal style makes it feel like you’re having a conversation with her over coffee. The book will hopefully encourage all of us to examine the masks we wear (and believe me, if you’re honest and dig deep enough, you will find them).

Given my own present spiritual ennui, the book was helpful in stirring that latent, remnant desire to live an authentic life in Christ. However, in my opinion, the book is best read communally, if it is to have its desired effect. Given the topic and the noetic effects of sin, we can easily deceive ourselves and be blinded to the masks that we wear. It would be helpful then to find a group of people that you can read the book together with and share openly in the course of your reading. Some may find the questions and study guide at the back of the book helpful as a starting point for discussion.
…Let’s drop our masks and superficiality and get to know each other better so we can live more authentically and exhibit that same transparent and transforming love as our Lord. Helen’s book is a helpful guide towards this goal: so read, reflect, repent, remove (the masks) and reveal your REAL Self!"

Paul Sue – Vancouver, BC - Full blog book review at “The Masks We Wear”


“She has this desire to share her story with people so that they too will have the courage to take off their own masks and eventually find freedom in Christ. For “God wants us to live a life of truth and freedom in Him”, and Helen’s purpose is to “proclaim to everyone what God has done…and to tell others what He can do for them.”….The healing power, the redemptive love and most of all the restoration of the abundant life. Most of us (if not all), need to take this journey to the bottom of our souls, but for some it is a trip that is much dreaded. For in doing so, you will see the other side: the not-so-nice side which a lot of us try to hide. The twelve masks Helen talks about in her book are common to us all, and unfortunately some of us are way too comfortable wearing them.”

Joan Fong – Children’s Church Director, Coquitlam, BC


“What is a mask? Is it something you wear in order to conceal the true you or is it something you wear in order to be someone or something you would like to be? To Ms. Jamieson, they're both the same. Her new book seeks to impress upon the reader the importance of taking off your masks, figuratively speaking of course, and be truthful to yourself, to others, and saving the best for last, to God.
In Hidden Masks Unveiled, Ms. Jamieson unveils before the reader her own struggles in wearing masks, and shares the glowing victories she experienced by becoming honest with herself before God.
A word of warning though before you open this book. If you are not interested in `stayin real', and you like to be someone you're not before others, either at church ,social functions, and other nice places, then this book will certainly rebuke you and that without any apologies. This is definitely not a fireside or coffee table book, as you can't just pick it up and flip through the pages, nodding your head thinking, “ quote." Not a chance.
Not using psychology, philosophy, nor glibly quote bible verses, she answers from God's word with clarity and accuracy in dealing with the same issues that plague us, thus the authority of her words are not based solely on her subjective experience, but objective exegesis.
Helen reminds us constantly though our double life style can fool some people some of the time, and most people most of the time, we can't fool God anytime.
Her book gives us wonderful insights on what it's like to really walk with God. Trust me, if you think walking with God is simply doing the three S's at church: sing, shake and snack, then by all means do yourself a humungous favor and dig into this book!
Though written with Christians in mind, those who are seeking to be free from the bondage of fakeness and surfaceyness, (is there such a word?) and from pleasing people; can benefit from it.
Everyone ought to read this book and put into practice the things gleaned therein. I mean everyone! No one is perfect as the axiom goes, and we can all do with a spiritual overhaul now and then.
The best part of the book? It points all peoples back to their creator, Christian or non-Christian, red, yellow, black or white. We were all made in the glorious image of God, and Ms. Jamieson's book guides us to remove our masks through His power, so that we might be free to shine forth the glory of His image.”

Phinehas "Da blak rabbit", Vancouver, BC – February 16, 2009


“I usually pick my books based on the cover and the readability of the text and of course, topic. Ms Jamieson's book is one which I immediately felt comfortable with, and was prepared to sit down for a good read. It meets all expectations. In fact, as Helen relates her life's struggles, her disappointments, and what she learns through her pain, she comes out shining in victory, having discovered the true purpose for her life...that is, living for and serving her Creator Lord and Saviour.
Through her book, the reader regardless of religious persuasion will find his or her life enriched and filled with hope for the future. Regardless of one's level of spirituality, Helen reaches us all. And for those with little spiritual awareness, there is much to discover and
savour and consider. Overall, this book is a must read for anyone who loves books and those authors who share their lives and thoughts and experiences through those books. There is nothing as edifying as the written Word.”

Shirley Soon, Church Librarian, Burnaby, BC


"I have read many Christian books in my life which were inspiring. “Hidden Masks Unveiled” is not your typical inspirational book. Some inspirational books may inspire you but it does not compel you to do anything about your life. But reading this book was an experience that went beyond it. It compelled me to do something about my life and it was a life-changing experience! Helen is very real and transparent. She does not portray herself as a know-it-all Christian. While reading the book it felt like I was talking to a dear friend at the kitchen table over tea. This is the kind of open conversation through which the Spirit touches you the most. I laughed, I cried, I prayed so many times while reading the book that I felt relieved. She helped me take off some of my own masks and allow the Spirit of God to work deeper in my life. The dream she had before writing this book is stuck with me forever as a Godly warning…Thank you, Helen! Looking forward to many more books to come!"

Tatiana Raineri, Richmond, BC


"In Hidden Masks Unveiled, Helen Jamieson looks at twelve masks that people wear to cover up their true self: wellness, honesty, perfection, strength, busyness and productivity, devotion, patience, gentleness and sweetness, satisfaction and happiness, optimism, sociability, sincerity and righteousness. Each of these is a mask covering our inner reality, which is the opposite of what we are portraying. Her focus is on freeing ourselves from these masks and living in the reality of who we are in Christ Jesus. This book presupposes that the reader is a Christian as the method depends on it. She uses a lot of examples from her own life and family to help us understand the masks and the process of removing them. It is a very personal book, while at the same time being broad enough to apply to a multitude of people in different life situations.

At the end of the book she includes two chapters on what will happen to those who undertake this process. First, they will find themselves at war as this is not an easy process and they will be tempted to give up and revert to their old ways. Second, they need to put on the armour of God (Eph 6). These chapters are followed by a study guide with questions related to each chapter. These can be used for personal reflection, or more profitably in a small group offering support.

This book often interacts with medical and psychological terminology and although Jamieson is not trained in these areas she provides ample explanations and an appendix of medical terminology. Furthermore, her health problems allow her to speak from with a voice of experience and empathy. She covered well the spiritual aspects of life and the spiritual ramifications of wearing masks; pretending to be someone we are not. I would recommend this book to those desiring to live authentic lives before God and others."

Tom Reynolds, Burnaby, BC  


"I finished reading the book this morning 4.30 am (five days after you gave it to me). Overall, it is a mind-relaxing book to read and easy to comprehend particularly it has a pleasant flow. I found it interesting and was anxious to know one mask after another. Yes, I believe we all have similar hidden masks, and your unveiling them through personal experiences, is the hallmark of a person after God’s heart. I am so proud of you, Helen, and in fact your book has already given me much food for thought to guard against falling into the same pit, for which I thank you. It certainly gives one’s challenges as to how to live a victorious Christian life. Those who lay their hands on this book will be blessed."

Hin Kwan, Burnaby, BC

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