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Authentic Living Course Reviews:

 My whole life, I've been a non-believer. I was raised atheist and thought religious people were weird and cult-like. This year, however, I was dealing with a lot of pain and could not handle it on my own. As a last resort, I started going to church, not expecting much but willing to try it out. God really does work in mysterious ways, because that first day that I went to church, there was a mistake in the bulletin and an announcement about Helen's Authentic Living course (which was supposed to be removed) was accidentally posted. Every day I thank Christ that he brought me to the course, because had I not taken it, I definitely would not be the person I am today. I came to church looking for relief to my pain and a solution to my problems. Not only did I find that, but I found so much more about how to be a better, and thus, happier person. Before the course, I did not even consider the idea that my morals and attitude towards life may be flawed. But through the course, I was shown so much about myself and the person I want to be. Through Helen, God showed me how much better my life could be with Him. Since the course, my life has been changed completely and I have never looked back at my past. This was also a really great course for me as a new believer; it is great for beginners like me, as well as those who have been Christian their whole lives. Everyone is extremely friendly and accepting. The happiest I am all week is that one weekly night at Helen's Authentic Living course!” - Katie Mai- First time Attendee


"I was raised in a non-religious home and converted to Christianity when I was led to Christ by a childhood friend. When I visited a new church for the first time, I was admittedly experiencing a dry spell with personal spirituality. A close friend of mine who attended the service with me was a non-believer at the time, but wanted to explore religion in hopes of finding comfort and peace. She took an interest in Helen's course, which was listed in the Church bulletin. Even given the weak state that I was in spiritually, I simply could not overlook the nudge that God was giving me. So I told my friend I'd attend the course with her so she would have more incentive to go. She became a follower of Christ as a result of Helen's seminars, which is obviously an enormous cause for celebration. But I feel like I gained just as much as she had. My faith had strengthened in ways, and in amounts, that I wouldn't previously have thought possible. That one weekly seminar nights became times that I looked forward to immensely. At the seminars, I felt genuine kindness and acceptance from everyone around me. My dedication to Christ began to mature. My defence against the enemy began to strengthen. My masks began to deteriorate. I feel so blessed to have been touched by God in such a magnificent way through Helen, and I'm so thankful for the friendships that I've been able to establish as a result of her course." - Viola (19 years old)


“‘Authentic Living Seminar Course’ is especially developed based on the ‘Hidden Masks Unveiled’ book. It takes you beyond the book and invites you to interact and look deeply within and call for help for change from above. Combined with presentations, personal reflection and small group interactions, this seminar will help you to have a greater awareness of who you are and who God wants you to be; And it will help you invite God to cut away any baggage(s) in your life and be set free to soar in life as He intends.”- Rev. Isaac Cheung - Past English Ministry Lead Pastor, Burnaby Alliance Church


"The first time I attended the Authentic Living seminars, my relationship with God was dwindling because I had an overwhelming sense of unworthiness that spiritually blinded me to the love of God. Many times, God tried to reassure me that he always has my best interests at heart. However, I stubbornly clung onto the superficial lie that I could handle everything on my own. Through God's grace and wisdom, God is now the only truth I see. When I encountered many stumbling blocks in my life, God humbled me by using Helen's experiences to show me that nothing is impossible with God. God really does use the weak to shame the strong! Now that I look back, nothing can take the place of the peace I find in God's presence.
I really hope that I will continue to feel invigorated in my walk with God, with the help of Helen's thoughtful reminders of God's grace. God is no longer
just another priority in my life, but my walk with God is a continuing commitment." - Kasper Wong, 3rd time attendee



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